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Hunter’s Handbook is the official student “how-to” information pipeline of the International Hunter Education Association. As the experts in teaching safe, ethical and successful hunting, we are here to provide tips, tools, and great video content as well as offer you a place that you can learn more about your love and favorite past-time—hunting.  Spend some time with us.  New content is added monthly, and we are excited to share our expertise with you.  We wish you a lifetime of safe and memorable experiences in the outdoors.

Late-Season Squirrel Hunting Tactics

Late-Season Squirrel Hunting Tactics

With deer season wrapping up, it’s an ideal time to start hunting squirrels. That’s right, those pesky little critters that you thought were deer making noises during deer hunting season. Late season squirrel hunting has its advantages and disadvantages, encouraging us to be better hunters. Though all the leaves may be off the trees and it’s easier to see the squirrels, those crunchy leaves can be the biggest challenge as well. Walking on those leaves are enough to scare the squirrels off for a good 30 minutes or more.

Watch Haley Heath and her son Gunner as they plan for late-season squirrel hunting. They will tell you good places to look for squirrels, what times are best to hunt and the noises to listen for to ensure you fill you squirrel tags for the season. Happy hunting!