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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Most Versatile Firearm In Your Gun Cabinet

So You Think a Shotgun is Only Good For Waterfowl and Upland Birds? Think Again!

From beginners to the seasoned veteran, Mossberg is the one gun to shoot. Take a look below for a quick primer on what we offer, and then jump on-line to learn more about some of the most time-tested, safe and reliable shotguns ever made.

WATERFOWLING – For those of who want to get downright serious about waterfowling, you can’t beat a 3 ½ inch chambered shotgun. Besides being tough and reliable, you’ll want a good light gathering sight, interchangeable chokes and an overbored barrel. An effective camo pattern is also helpful, as shown above on the Mossberg 935 Magnum in Advantage Max-4 or 835 Ulti-Mag in the Mossy Oak duck blind.

TURKEY HUNTING – Like a big Canada goose, turkeys can be tough to bring down, which is why the 3 ½ chambered shotgun is also one of the best choices for turkey hunting. You’ll want to find a compact shotgun with an interchangeable turkey tube, adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights, a comfortable stock with a good recoil pad, and a good camo pattern, like on the Mossberg 535 ATS Thumbhole shotgun in Mossy Oak New-Break-Up or the 835 Ulti Mag Tactical Turkey in Realtree hardwoods HD Green shown above.

DEER/BIG GAME HUNTING – It’s all about accuracy here. And to be accurate, a fully-rifled barrel is one of the keys, along with a good set of sights or scope, and a well-fitted stock to put your eye right on the target. Both 2 ¾ “or 3” slugs can do the trick and a ported barrel will help tame the recoil. Check out the Monte Carlo stocked/rifle sighted Mossberg 930 Slugster in 12 Gauge or the 20 Gauge 500 Slugster with Dual Comb stock and integral scope base shown above.

MULTI-PURPOSE – The all-round shotgun is just that – good for clay target shooting, upland bird and small game hunting….just about everything. Whether a semi-automatic, over-and-under, or something else, they must be easy on the wallet, like the Mossberg 930 Autoloader and the Mossberg International Silver Reserve 12/20 Gauge Over-and-Under Combo


A CUSTOM FIT FOR YOUNG AND SMALLER-FRAMED SHOOTERS – From the beginner to the seasoned shooter alike, the 500 Bantam, 500 Super Bantam and 505 Youth Series pump-actions are the preferred choice of youngsters and smaller-stature adults. Key safety features include an easy-to-see and operate ambidextrous top-mounted safety, a special magazine tube limiting plug in .410 and 20 gauge models(renders the shotgun a “single sot” until the coach or guardian approves its removal), and a free cablelock to assist with safe storage.

As part of Mossberg’s continued commitment to value and versatility, 12 and 20 Gauge Bantam and Super Bantam models are fully interchangeable with standard size12 and 20 Gauge 500 model accessories, and come with a half-price certificate for a standard-size buttstock for young shooters who outgrow their Bantam dimensions.

Forget what you might have thought about shotguns. They are the most versatile of all the sporting firearms. Today’s shotgun selection is more vast and specialized than any other time in history. In today’s world, you’ll find shotguns for waterfowl, wild turkey, upland gamebirds, big game, clay target shooting, and just about everything in between.


The most powerful shotguns are those with the smallest numeric gauge designation: 10-gauge and 12-gauge. Going along in order, next comes the 16-gauge followed by the 20-gauge, then the 28-gauge, and finally the .410-bore. Mossberg shotguns are available in many configurations, including 12, 20 and 28 gauge, and .410 bore models – to satisfy your hunting and shooting needs.

GET IN ON THE ACTION Pump-actions, as found on the Mossberg 500, 535, and 835 models are manually-cycled after each shot, and are a mainstay in about every hunter’s or shooter’s gun cabinet.

Semi-automatic shotguns, like the Mossberg 930 and 935 cycles automatically after each shot, and with unprecedented reliability of these guns, they are quickly becoming the favorites of both beginners and seasoned shooters.

Break-action double-barrel models like the over-and-under Mossberg International Silver Reserve shotgun shown below are popular for various game bird hunting and sporting clays.


12 and 20 gauge shotshells come in 2 ¾”, 3” and 3 ½” magnum lengths, shotgun barrels are stamped with the gauge and how long the chamber is, so a shooter can select the right ammunition for his or her gun. Mossberg introduced the 835 Ulti-Mag 12 gauge, 3 ½ inch magnum shotgun in 1988 – the first 3 ½” shotgun ever – which has become a staple of turkey and waterfowl hunters alike.


The ‘choke’ is located near the muzzle of a shotgun and determines how tight a shot charge will be when it leaves the bore. On older shotguns, the choke may not be able to be adjusted (commonly referred to as ‘fixed’). Today, the majority of shotgun barrels are equipped with interchangeable choke tubes that allow a shooter to change the bore constriction or different shooting situations. These tubes typically come in Full (tight pattern), Modified (slightly more open for a medium pattern), and improved Cylinder (more open for a wider pattern). There is an “Extra Full” choke tube for turkey hunting, and skeet chokes for clay target shooting.


Combo Guns come with more than one barrel, allowing hunters to adjust for different challenges by simply switching barrels. One of many examples manufactured by Mossberg is the 500 Super Bantam Field/Deer Combo shown at left, which adjusts for the season and the game, and grows with the shooter! Other examples include the Silver reserve 12/20 gauge, the 935 Magnum Turkey/Waterfowl, and the 500 Field/Security Combos, just to name a few.

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